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Hillel Fall 2014

Florida State University is home to nearly 4000 Jewish students. Hillel is the foundation for Jewish campus life at FSU. Hillel provides diverse opportunities for making Jewish choices while being a student at FSU. FSU is proud to offer a study in Israel option through their world-class Study Abroad Program office. One out of every five FSU students participates in Greek life—as a result, Hillel partners with AEPi, ZBT, SDT, and other Greek organizations to be Greek and Jewish. Jews participate in student government through several registered student organizations (RSOs): Noles for Israel, the Maimonidies Society, Jewish Law Students Association and other emerging groups. Hillel supports all expressions of Jewish life on campus and offers an environment in which Jewish students can create the type of Jewish life they wish to have at FSU. Where once students came in order to hide their identity, now FSU is a place of Jewish pride. Come be a member of both tribes!

834 W. St. Augustine Street, Suite #2
Tallahassee, FL 32304

Phone Number: (850) 222-5454

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